On this page, the Abilene Assistance Center, in an effort to inform the public, features links to sites showing the constant misconduct of federal agencies.

We encourage the public to get involved and demand oversight of the federal government and its corrupt network!

WARNING: Clicking on these links takes you to websites outside of The Assistance Center! Therefore, if you are working on an order with us, you should finish it before linking to these sites!

When a citizen was contacted by FBI Agents after the September 11 incident, he knew he needed protection from the overzealous agents. The citizen, to make a record of the harassment, recorded the phone call and interview with the agents. the citizen took pictures of the agents and their vehicle. Then, the citizen invoked his right to counsel and never heard from the agents again. Click here to learn how to handle harassing federal agents!
Why is Keith Maydak in Jail? Because AT&T and the Justice Department Framed Him! Click here to see why AT&T should not be your long distance carrier!
Obtain all the current information on political prisoner Keith Maydak and his actions against the Government.
Learn about various misconduct and harassment by prosecutors! This site goes deep inside the government's dirty secrets: Prosecutorial Misconduct!
Read the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Report on Federal Misconduct: Win at All Costs! This report angered the Justice Department so much that they sent a conclusory, misleading response complaining about it!
Read PBS' Expose on the Use of Snitches in the Federal Courtroom in DEA / FBI Drug Cases. Interviews with a federal judge, a lawyer for Congress who was involved in drafting drug legislation, jurors, and attorneys. All say the same thing: The federal government presents perjured evidence and abuses the legal system.

The Who's A Rat website is the largest online database of informants and agents designed to aid attorneys and criminal defendants with few or limited resources and for individuals and attorneys to share all information made public to at least 1 person of the public relating to local, state and federal informants and law enforcement officers.