Hello. My name is Meghan Riley and I'm the manager of the Assistance Center. If there is a problem, complaint, or suggestion, I will review your communication. My email address is: info@theassistancecenter.com

The Assistance Center may be reached through the following methods:

Mail or courier:

PO Box 83080 Johnsonville Wellington 6440 New Zealand

Fax: 1.202.330.4513

Phone: 1.412.829.1118 (10am to 11pm EST)

Email: info@theassistancecenter.com

The Assistance Center attempts to ship orders within 24 hours from receipt. Larger orders may take longer to process. Any delay beyond 36 hours will result in notification.

All forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader to open them.

Because of the nature of downloadable, emailed, or postal mail legal forms, there can be no refunds. The Assistance Center does not charge for the form, but issues a handling fee for providing it to you. If the wrong form was ordered by you, please send an explanation and, if legitimate, we will send the proper form for the cost of postage. If we provided the wrong form, we will provide the correct form at no cost to you.

If you cannot download your form, send us an email and our customer service department will provide the form as an email attachment. If you choose to have us mail you the form, there is a $3.95 postage and handling fee regardless of the size of the order.

Product items such as electronics, books, or other items are returnable within thirty (30) days.

Consultation services are not refundable.

Media such as computer and music discs are returnable if the packaging is unopened.

Damaged items will be replaced if returned. However, you agree to assist us with any claims against the shipper.

Persons choosing to download items will receive a "download" prompt after their order is accepted by our system. If for some reason you do not recieve such a prompt, please immediately inform us at: info@theassistancecenter.com so we can email you the form.

Mailed packs to United States addresses carry a $3.95 charge (priority mail) no matter how large the order is! UPS overnight is available to US and Canada addresses for an added fee. All shipping charges are listed on your order before checking out. There will be no added charges later unless you modify your order with additional items.