Welcome to The Assistance Center's Go Private! Division

The Assistance Center, through cooperation with Foradodge Enterprises, provides products, links, and services you need to keep your business affairs and personal affairs private!

With recent events, privacy should be the number one concern to the public. Everyone should stay informed of the latest techniques to remain anonymous. Otherwise, we will find ourselves with a complete evisceration of our rights. Complacency has allowed the government and its rubber-stamping authorities to eliminate due process. (See our Fed Misconduct section for just a few abuses by the United States Government). Privacy Techniques will help stop them from making false accusations against you or invading your privacy.

Hide Your Location Through Remailing Services!
Surf the Web Anonymously! Eliminate the tracing of your computer's "IP" address!Through Top Proxy Easy-Hide-IP software, you can surf the internet and pick and choose where it appears your location is. You can change proxies every few minutes. The software uses the TOR network, but allows you more control by giving you the option to pick and choose your IP location.

Click here for information on establishing a mailing address in the United States! Use to establish a presence in the US or to avoid disclosing your real address to others! Service is as low as $10 per month!